I Said I’m Happy

, 26 October 2010

Eelus is not suitable for everyone’s taste … and Banksy’s caustic messages are inevitably & constantly compared with another of those influential artists within the current urban contemporary art scene… who makes more money?

An artist that “lives in a very different world to most people”. Wigan born Eelus made an instant impact on the street art scene when he moved from Wigan to London 10 years ago. After catching the eye of street legends Banksy and Eine he was snapped up by prolific printermakers Pictures On Walls and has never looked back. His first screen print sold out almost instantly, temporarily surpassing Banksy’s top spot position for the fastest selling print award, and his work still remains as highly sought after and collectable to art collectors and fellow artists alike.

Tiffany For Breakfast
What Lies Beneath

Another stencil-addict  you may not like, but won’t deny you haven’t seen his pictures around will you?