Interculturality as a tool to reset humanity in the debate

, 11 June 2010

[tweetmeme]If you question anyone about the main element, the center of the contemporary world, what are you going to hear ? They will probably answer that money is the center of the world, or appearance, or maybe beauty, or even probably happiness (as hazy as this concept can be).

Everywhere we can hear people protesting against vices of the post-modern world, claming that maybe their “lives are more important than their benefits”. Neo-liberal governments consider than their role is not to bring what can make their people happy, credits for research about human being and its organisation are shrinking. More and more young people study subjects that made their proofs about human control, to make money, more and more…

No matter how tendancies are, now it is time to bring up a new tool that can help us putting humanity back in the center of our considerations. Interculturality is the extended version of mutliculturality or transculturality. It is all about finding what matches, what is universal, in spite of cultures, way of thinking that just vary wherever, whenever, that are in line with history itself within temporality. Interculturality allows us to find common points with people we considered as our rivals and sometimes ennemies and to communicate with them, efficiently.

I humbly start a work on this blog, according to the principles of interculturality to comment social and human issues on a social and psychological point of view, with this amazing tool that is intercultural analysis.