What’s on? AQNB’s weekly list of events + openings around London, Feb 27 – Mar 5

, 27 February 2018

Every week we trawl through our emails so you don’t have to. Special shout out goes to Leicester’s Two Queens who will open their new show on 3 March with artist Claire Davies, The Valley of Lost Things alongside Liam Proudman in the project space



Going Turkish in Bethnal Green: UK premiere of Benim Varoş Hikayem’s My Suburban Story  @ The Hamlet’s Pop-Up Cinema in Oxford House on 27 Feb

Service No 5,  a series of performances by Adam Linder at South London Gallery at selected dates from 28 Feb to 11 Mar

The Future is a Collective Project with Suzanne Treister at SPACE on 28 Feb

Novara IRL: MeToo, Now What? at CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building on 28 Feb

VAT Notice 702: Works of Art with Frederique Pisuisse at changing room on 2 Mar

A Farewell to Progress talk with Rose-Anne Gush, Dorine van Meel, Naomi Tattum and Wail Qasim at South London Gallery on 2 Mar

Rye Wax presents DJ Haram (Discwoman) on 2 Mar

Cuntemporary presents, New Systems: queer and feminist curatorial practice roundtable at the Royal Academy of Arts on 3 Mar

PS/Y Projects: Fiona James and Jessica Wiesner, You Are That Technicality at Flat Time House on 3 Mar

No Symbols #11 w/ LG vs Covco, TSVI vs Wallwork, Beneath and Chloe Frieda at Ormside Projects on 3 Mar

Tenderpixel present, 3049 Clubnight with Scratcha DVA, Logos, Cõvco, patten and Moonbow (SIREN DJs) at Five Miles on 4 Mar



Rob Chavasse, The gallerist at The Sunday Painter, opening 1 Mar and running to 29 Mar

Sophia al-maria, ilysm at Project Native Informant, opening on 1 Mar and running to 21 Apr

Gaby Sahhar and Rosie Grace Ward, Totally Different Animals at Arcadia Missa. opening 2 Mar and running to 29 Mar

Ian Cheng and Sondra Perry at Serpentine Galleries, opening 5 Mar and running to 3 Jun. 


Rejecting transcendent planes in a mysticism of the modern marketplace via Timur Si-Qin’s Campaign for a New Protocol Pt. III

Arshy Azizi, 21 May 2018

Arad proposes a vision for the deep space waste of humans as the bacterial colonies of our interstellar future


xin’s ‘Sucker’ searches beyond the status quo by unsettling convention in EP To Shock the Sky and Shake the Earth

aqnb, Thursday

The fundamentals of life and death in Sylbee Kim’s Garden of Regrets


From glamour model to biohacking gender, trans-masculine artist Cade presents a ‘Xenomaskuline Manifesto’

Cade, Wednesday

Arrangements for the desert: The Magic Hour presents a collection of objects, ephemera + gestures in first exhibition No.1


A conversation with Paul Maheke on erasure, ghosts + channeling the space between, as part of fluent’s body ecologies series

Human Poney, 14 May 2018

Channeling social media + self-promotion in the #videotutorials online exhibition curated by PANE project + hosted by AQNB

aqnb, 13 May 2018

Event horizon electronic music from the Romantic era in the video heralding bod [包家巷]’s next sound piece

11 May 2018

Korma‘s Waxworm EP oozes out of the distorted cracks between World Wars for the Seattle-based producer’s Majía release

aqnb, 10 May 2018

Imagining futures and resurfacing histories in Beacons at Caustic Coastal

8 May 2018

Sydney’s Conor O’Shea on his networked, organic, entangled approach to taking Minerva into those enduring in-between areas

4 May 2018

Club Theory: two recombinant texts on the impossible space between theory + experience by Sally Olds & DJ Sezzo

Sally Olds & DJ Sezzo, 3 May 2018

Adrift in the chroma key blues: A chat with Sondra Perry on black radicality + things that are yet to happen in Typhoon coming on

Tamar Clarke-Brown, 1 May 2018

Put it on the record: Ida Ekblad’s I’m four years old at Tokyo’s XYZ Collective

30 April 2018