What’s on? AQNB’s weekly list of events + openings around London, Feb 21 – Feb 26

, 21 February 2018

Here’s what we have our eye on this week


Application deadline for the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2019: ‘Going, Gone’ by  11 Apr



Living Radically: Film screening and roundtable discussion at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning on 22 Feb

Working Nights: Dr Chris Harvey and Caroline Heron  is the second event as part of Martin Kohout’s exhibition, Daylight Management at Auto Italia on 22 Feb

Pipe & Sons: A performance by Amelia Barratt at Assembly Point on 23 Feb

Uniqlo Tate Lates February 2018  on 23 Feb

South by South: Screening of Wùlu (2016)  at South London Gallery on 23 Feb

Mini Oramics: Live Graphic Scores at Camden Arts Centre on 24 Feb

MOON MUST ANIMAL FOOD performance by Jenny Moore at Sutton House on 24 Feb

Soundcheck USB at Ormside Projects on 24 Feb

Champagne Bar (line up inc. Soda Plains and Linda Lee) at The Alibi on 24 Feb

BermondZINES, a DIY zine festival from South-East London at DIY Space on 25 Feb

Ilona Sagar, Correspondence O: Panel Discussion w/Lisa Curtice, Owen Hatherley and Ilona Sagar at South London Gallery on 25 Feb



Erica Scourti, Spill Sections at StudioRCA on 22 Feb

Post-Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe at Calvert 22  w/after party at ACE Hotel on 22 Feb

City premieres a music video for ‘Shame Dagger,’ directed by fellow producer Eaves, where uncanny & unearthly computer beings rule

24 May 2018

“I can’t take you everywhere.” London producer & artist Haich drops a deep RnB track wrought with the torment of distance

aqnb, Wednesday

Movement, membrane + complex dystopian conditions in the Hypersea yacht exhibition


Farewell misery: Naples-based producer Cecilia shares a mix & explains how her desolate music is haunted by erotic imagery


Rejecting transcendent planes in a mysticism of the modern marketplace via Timur Si-Qin’s Campaign for a New Protocol Pt. III

Arshy Azizi, Monday

Arad proposes a vision for the deep space waste of humans as the bacterial colonies of our interstellar future


xin’s ‘Sucker’ searches beyond the status quo by unsettling convention in EP To Shock the Sky and Shake the Earth

aqnb, Thursday

The fundamentals of life and death in Sylbee Kim’s Garden of Regrets

17 May 2018

From glamour model to biohacking gender, trans-masculine artist Cade presents a ‘Xenomaskuline Manifesto’

Cade, 16 May 2018

Arrangements for the desert: The Magic Hour presents a collection of objects, ephemera + gestures in first exhibition No.1

15 May 2018

A conversation with Paul Maheke on erasure, ghosts + channeling the space between, as part of fluent’s body ecologies series

Human Poney, 14 May 2018

Channeling social media + self-promotion in the #videotutorials online exhibition curated by PANE project + hosted by AQNB

aqnb, 13 May 2018

Event horizon electronic music from the Romantic era in the video heralding bod [包家巷]’s next sound piece

11 May 2018

Korma‘s Waxworm EP oozes out of the distorted cracks between World Wars for the Seattle-based producer’s Majía release

aqnb, 10 May 2018

Imagining futures and resurfacing histories in Beacons at Caustic Coastal

8 May 2018