WEATHER grows into a farcically sinister techno on the up-pitched vocals & chiptune folk of ‘URGENT CARE’

, 1 October 2021

WEATHER is releasing album XTRA-PHYSICAL via Haord Records on October 5, with preview track ‘URGENT CARE’ premiering via AQNB today. It’s the debut record of the New York-based duo, made up of Ricky Balmaseda and Nicki Duval, the latter of whom also performs under the EEL TANK moniker.

WEATHER’s album represents an evolution from the duo’s beginnings in noise rock to polyrhythmic and experimental techno. On ‘URGENT CARE’, distorted and up-pitched vocals blare over titular drum patterns, cycling between farcically sinister lyrics before breaking into a chiptune folk. It brings about a kind of subdued mania equally cathartic but also serving as a reminder to not take oneself so seriously.**

WEATHER’s XTRA-PHYSICAL is out via Haord Records on October 5.