Evita Manji unleashes the cavernous club of ‘Oil/Too Much’ along with a message for its listeners

, 30 July 2021

Evita Manji is releasing single ‘Oil/Too Much’ via myxoxym, premiering on AQNB today, July 30, 2021. The record advances the ethereal electronics of the Athens-based artist’s 2020 EP Neptune, offering a foreboding message for listeners.

In a statement on the release, Manji takes on ‘the perspective of all units and rhythms that give life to earth.’ Bubbling synths start to boil into club beats, the artist’s Auto-Tune vocals emerging above the rhythm into crooning lines on drowning and burning inside. Beats and lyrics exchange cameos within cavernous ambiances, evoking the sensation of being submerged underwater, simultaneously in collision with the gravitas of Manji’s words. She explains at the end of the press release:

‘This world is the fast paced comfortable life industrialisation creates. Which is a world that only finds value on how much labor you can sell. The expectation of that world hurts the environment and people. It doesn’t foster the non important, the unable to speak, the ones unable to act.’**

Evita Manji’s ‘Oil/Too Much’ is out on myxoxym today, July 30, 2021.