Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus explore festivity & conspiracy on ‘Freefall’ for VIRTUALLYREALITYSS21: The Long Triumph

, 28 May 2021

Holly Childs and Gediminas Žygus are presenting ‘Freefall’ for VIRTUALLYREALITY SS21: The Long Triumph, premiering today via AQNB on May 28, 2021. The video features as part of fortnightly theme ‘Devotion’, which addresses sprawling machinic worlds and rethinking in times of emergency. ‘Devotion’ also features film and performances by Chino Amobi, Marta Śniady & Silvia Lucas, and Sonja Mutić. Before participating in the Manchester-based event series, Childs joined AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast to discuss earth sciences, cosmology, and systems— all themes that reappear in her latest video. 

On ‘Freefall’, Childs and Žygus embrace conspiracy with a carnivalesque perspective. Ominous countdowns and blaring sirens quickly break down into hardstyle beats, as the lyrics go, “I know the sky is falling,” abandoning predictable foreboding for festivity and high drama. Violin ensembles briefly wind up the score before it unleashes into the rhythm again, artist Elif Satanaya Özbay seen headbanging in a warped view. If this is Childs and Žygus’ vision of conspiracy, at least it feels like party.**

Elif Satanaya Özbay in ‘Freefall’ (2021). Image courtesy Tomasz Skibicki

Holly Childs and Gediminas Žygus’ ‘Freefall’ is out now for VIRTUALLYREALITY SS21: The Long Triumph on May 28, 2021.