Hanne Lippard @ Ariel 2.0 (2015) video

, 7 October 2015

Video in Common captured Berlin-based artist Hanne Lippard‘s recent performance at London’s Bold Tendencies in September. A short excerpt can be seen below as well as the full documentation of her twenty five-minute performance.

The event was the third in a four-part series, Ariel 2.0, organised by Leo Liccini and running from July 17 to September 23. It brought together an eclectic programme of vocal articulations –song, rap, sampled speech –informed by online life and the Information Age. The theme of this evening was strictly spoken word, where through the medium of the voice each artist gave a conscious performance of prepared texts or “language fragments” that played with meaning in synthesis and through the manipulation of “content/flow”. 

Nora Turato opened the evening with a fast-paced poetic piece (given impressively from memory) that verged on a capella rap. Lippard’s softly spoken words –based loosely upon her recent work The Ssecret to SsucceSs iSs in the Ss-eSs were accompanied by a surging ringtone remix and two “Nordic walkers” who circled and looped the performance space creating a sense of quickening time. Lastly, Dylan Spencer-Davidson ended the evening with a music-driven lecture.

See Lippard’s performance in full here:


Produced in partnership with Video in CommonThis project has been made possible through the generous support of Arts Council England.