Zoe Barcza, 'Shred IV' (2014) Install view.
Tom Davis, 'Ovid-Acteaon' (2015) Install view.
Tilman Hornig, 'Stop Aids redux' (2015) Install view.
Scott Gelber, 'RothkoNetflix 1' (2014) Install view.
Sayre Gomez, 'Thief Painting in Violet' (2014) Install view.
Paul Barsch, 'O. K.'s Time Travels (Back to the Future)' (2013) Install view.
Martin Mannig, 'Psycho' (2014) Install view.
'JURASSIC PAINT' (2015) Exhibition view.
Joshua Abelow, 'Untitled (Witch)' (2014) Install view.
Jaako Pallasvuo, 'Amusement Park' (2015) Install view.
Iain Ball, '(res) terbium series 3' (2015) Install view.
Anselm Ruderisch, 'Voyager1' (2009) Install view.
Ann Hirsch, 'My Starving Public 1998' (2014) Install view.
'JURASSIC PAINT' (2015) Exhibition view.
'JURASSIC PAINT' (2015) Exhibition view.

JURASSIC PAINT (2015) exhibition photos

, 18 September 2015

If you wait for something long enough it’ll come back in style, and dinosaurs are coming back with a vengeance of all things though extinct. Jurassic Paint, the second online show by New Scenario, went live on their website in early June. The group exhibition, shot in the forest of Saurierpark Kleinwelka, a dinosaur park filled with life-size dinosaur models, combines “two prehistoric yet resilient species” for a collection of canvas works from eleven visual artists. 

New Scenario, founded by artists Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig in late 2014, is a dynamic platform for conceptual, time-based and performative exhibition formats “that happen outside the real of the white cube”. With Jurassic Paint, Barsch and Hornig invite the participants to combine painting as a “creative act of the imagination” with the construction of the dinosaurs, whose likeness “emerges from fanciful and narrative processes of the human and scientific mind”. The canvas works and the dinosaurs share, as the exhibition’s press release identifies, the same ‘Lebensraum’ or living space, creating a new scenario.

Iain Ball, '(res) terbium series 3' (2015) Install view.
Iain Ball, ‘(res) terbium series 3’ (2015) Install view.

The eleven visual artists have all been asked to create a dinosaur likeness, with Zoe Barcza creating a Plateosaurus titled ‘Shred IV’, Ann Hirsch offering an Anatosaurus titled ‘My Starving Public 1998’, and Tom Davis creating a Campsognathus titled ‘Ovid-Acteaon’. The remaining artists include Scott Gelber with a Diplodocus hallorum titled ‘RothkoNetflix1’, Sayre Gomez with a Antrodemus titled ‘Thief Painting in Violet’, Martin Mannig with a Heterodontosaurus tucki titled ‘Psycho’ and Jaakko Pallasvuo with a Ornitholestes hermanni titled ‘Amusement Park’. There’s also Anselm Ruderisch‘s  Polacanthus titled ‘Voyager1’, Joshua Abelow with a Triceratops prorsus titled ‘Untitled (Witch)’, and Iain Ball with a Triceratops horridus titled ‘(res) terbium series 3’. Hornig and Barsch also contributed pieces to the exhibition with, respectively, a Ceratosaurus nasicornis titled ‘Stop Aids redux’ and a Tyrannosaurus rex titled ‘O. K.’s Time Travels (Back to the Future)’, accompanied by written contributions from Johannes Thumfart and Hendrik Niefeld. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

Jurassic Paint group exhibition went live at newscenario.net on June 11, 2015.

Header image: Zoe Barcza, ‘Shred IV’ (2014). Install view. Courtesy the artist.