Ada Karczmarczyk: ‘Medium’, p.1

, 14 April 2015

Set in the context of Poland’s (etc) ongoing ‘conversion’ to capitalism, this third video for the Money Makes The World Go ‘Round series, produced in partnership with arts digital production unit Video in Common(ViC), is part video-diary, part biography-cum-documentary by Polish artist Ada Karczmarczyk. Here she introduces her rationale behind a practice that includes blogging, performance, installation and online video. Karczmarczyk’s work is uncompromising in its foregrounded weaving of her personal experiences and belief, and the messages she hopes to articulate through both.

Her work has been variously described as misinterpreted,  playing with ‘shame aesthetics’ and revolving around “identity creation via a short series of video performances [in which] her private life and domestic affairs become the field on which we observe how a reflexive look into oneself and affective experiences mingle with the search for authentic closeness.” In all of this, her work stands out as distinctly located within the contextual concerns of a Polish youth culture as it takes in the globalised view of the Internet.

Art and economics is central to the Money Makes the World Go ‘Round series –exploring art and artists in a global market –to publish at the start of every week from the last day of March to June, 2015. It features six artists from cities around the networked world. **

Watch the video embedded above and see here for Part Two.

This project has been made possible through the generous support of Arts Council England.