☯l₫ Ұ☢Ü₦G, ‘4 US BY US’ mix

, 13 August 2013

If you type “Old Young” into a Google search engine, it instantly takes you to porn. Maybe that’s just my personal algorithm but, regardless, there’s a lot that’s strange and unsettling about the LA-based designer, producer and artist otherwise known as Justin Time, or Streetboi, who runs “future fashion” store, gallery and performance space Freak City in LA. That’s not least for his recently dropped FUBU x VERSACE video, featuring two clunky avatars, clumsily twerking to Yung Orca‘s beat and last year’s ‘4G‘ with Vally Girl, which comes off as a trash-ified Lynch video, if he’d been born in the 90s and TM stood less for ‘Transcendental Meditation’ and more for ‘Trade Mark’.

So, while musing over the challenge of accepting the brand appropriation appropriation (repetition intended) and the recycled ‘Arab memes’ of this most excellent mix by Old Young, featuring some low-slung bass lines and what we’re sure is ‘4G’ played backwards, you can contemplate complicity in the “multidimensional matrix of music, money and image” and check out Freak City’s debut Art$HOW at NU Gallery if you’re in the California region. The event also features Vally Girl and graffiti artist Fresh Derek, amid loads of political satire and LED. There’s a closing party on August 23.

See the NU Gallery Facebook for more details. **