, 11 June 2012

Today everyone was expecting some magic from Apple… and I don’t know what new nuts and bolts they announced for the developer community but I kept thinking about two of those rumors that gadget blogs have talked-about for the past 6 months. One became reality with their new mapping software, the second one… we’ll have to wait until the new iPhone is announced later on this year.

That 2nd rumor may very probably not come true until the iPhone 5s but the technology has already been developed a while ago…

U.S. firm Tactus Tech recently got the buzz thanks to the unveiling of their dynamic user interface that allows for transparent physical buttons to pop-up from any touchscreen surface depending on the program, app or software the device is running. The day this technology comes to Android or iOS devices (they’re talking about mid-2013) it will be a very sad day for gaming-pad and on-screen accessory manufacturers.

Tactus Slide Mixter (image via Tactus)
Tactus Slide Mixter (image via Tactus)

In theory their technology shouldn’t add any thickness to existing touch-sensitive panels and still allow them to deform to create buttons or shapes of a specific size and even firmness. Guess we’ll have to wait another year to see working prototypes… wonder how they’ll fit this with the flexible OLED panels… more images on their website.