The Money Store

, 16 April 2012

About a year or so since we got to know that “energetic” (read aggressive) Sacramento trio named Death Grips. A constant evolution from MC Ride & co in their aesthetics, their live staging, their own definition of a show… since they appeared back in late 2010. An Internet-born phenomena who’ve mastered not only all DIY on-line self-promotion tools but also the delicate art of intimate transgression (and extremely rare these days)… the one listeners experiment with their own  PMPs and not through a well-known station or TV channel.

Death Grips - The Money Store cover
Death Grips - The Money Store cover

Releasing all material through their website ThirdWorlds isn’t enough, now that a new album release is around the corner (April 24th), uploading The Money Store on soundcloud is again, another wise example of self-promotion, a soft one though… compared to their earlier BitTorrent initiative  from last Friday.