, 2 April 2012

Not Not Fun may only be releasing a 600 vinyl-edition of Dylan Ettinger‘s new EP “Lifetime of Romance”, but there’s a digital version too you know… or maybe we should get back to a vinyl-only trend? Which label is “cool” enough to release non-digital material these days?

But let’s talk about Dylan tonight. Following up his 2010 “New Age Outlaws” (available on his bandcamp too!), the futuristic & very prolific Indiana wizard gave a glimpse of his new EP last September, “Wintermute”; now that it has been finally released on NNF it was time to give it a clip, a Melissa Cha clip.

Dylan Ettinger - Lifetime of Romance cover
Dylan Ettinger - Lifetime of Romance cover

Seven songs without love and much more accessible & straight-forward… maybe his “pop” ego is finally resurfacing and taking over him? Not a sound that would make friends with his previous works, and, is this the way to go forward Dylan?