Running Back to Everyone

, 25 February 2012

Kool Music is the work of visual artist and writer Jasper Baydala who besides directing clips for many other Canadian gigolos (mainly via the artist collective Arbutus… home of Grimes) finally got his very own video riding a Triumph. Everything has to be said… Elvis Presley was more of a Harley Davidson person… and Marlon Brando more of a Triumph rider, again… it’s much easier and recognizable to dress like Elvis we guess, maybe he was just feeling like an Elvis costume for the day?

Grimes just posted via GvsB last Tuesday Jasper Baydala’s latest extravagance filmed over a weekend by  Emily Kai Bock and Evan Prosofsky. Apparently the globetrotter took the Triumph all the way from Montreal to Niagara Falls and back… under the rain, a nice adventure companied by his greatest single “Running back to Everyone”. From Kool 4 and “Living alone in the city” we move to….?

Hopefully more to come…