Stade 2

, 28 November 2011

No big fanfarre for Mr Oizo‘s new box of sounds. It’s him again, yes, with half an hour of “some new stuff” that much like his previous “stuff” is just a collection of schizophrenic experimental sounds.

CAMELFUCK by oizo mr 3000


Released earlier this month Quentin Dupieux doesn’t introduce anything sharper, edgier or newer, it’s his same old shit and psychotropia, but dammit feels good! An 8-bit sounds universe that may feel mature at this stage. His sounds are familiar and there are little variations on his previous exercises, and as no other Frenchie plays the same game, then we can honestly say staying faithful to his musical dogma is the best way to stand out in the POP guitarresque universe Ed Banger and the now defunct French touch have become.

DOUCHE BEAT by oizo mr 3000

MR OIZO / FRANCE7 by oizo mr 3000