, 3 November 2011

Commenting systems haven’t evolved in …. a while. Ok, maybe  a bit, maybe “social” commenting systems that got popular a few years ago (like Disquis.. the one we use now) which allow easy sign-in and discussions have become the next best thing before facebook invaded the whole universe and now even commenting systems are ruled by the facebook commenting plug-in.

Web annotation systems are certainly nothing new, many have been in development since the first half of the 90s allowing web visitors to annotate arbitrary web pages. But just like HTML5 should allow your browser to control your mobile phone in the future, new annotation systems should become the next best way not only  for annotating digital documents but for user-webportal interaction.

And so Hypothes.is was virally presented via Kickstarter a few weeks ago by e-commerce pioneer Dan Whaley, as a “collaborative framework” to allow users leave notes (comment really), filter and enrich pretty much anything that’s been published on-line.

Initially Hypothes.is should work as a browser plug-in for Firefox, IE, & Chrome by adding an overlay to pages with a heatmap on the side showing where people left comments / annotations. You get the idea right?

And because you know our love for lost-causes, especially if related with culture & new social usages we thought…. mmmmmmmm we’d love to make Hypothes.is our default commenting system for aqnb! This is months if not ages away from being a reality, but critics aside on the best way to finance the venture, we think it’s about time to introduce new commenting & enriching formulas in our petty blogs. More info on the concept, people involved & supporting links on their site.