Johann Sebastian Joust

, 19 September 2011

This year’s Canadian Indicade game festival finalists list (wow that was long) includes 36 jewels, and not all are iPhone / Android blabla crap. Just browse the list (some too famous by now like Superbrohers or Fez) and start picking your favorites, many of which are already playable.

And because it’s all about Danish today we decided to go for the Copenhagen Game Collective title… “Johann Sebasian Joust”, a design collective who seem to be specialized in developing alternative ways of playing with our traditional consoles. Sure the Sony & Msoft guys have already checked them out.

Joust is conceived as a no-graphics, music-based, physical jousting game for two to six players, designed for motion controllers and smart phones where the goa is to keep your accelerometer sufficiently still to be the last player remaining (you get the idea from the video).

The game takes into account the music rhythm, so  in slow-motion the controllers are extremely sensitive to changes in acceleration but when the music speeds up for, this threshold becomes less strict and you can try to jump on your opponents but without going beyond the allowable threshold….mmmmmmm challenging.

It seems like the game was originally conceived for wii but with the lights and the colors the PS3 motion controllers seem to be better suited (for playing in the dark for ex). Oh and the game creators (Douglas Wilson, Nils Deneken & Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren) are said to be working on an iPhone & Android versions so….