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, 18 July 2011

He may be only 20 years old (when we keep repeating the music industry looks for younger & younger stars…..) but Jeremy Malvin (aka Chrome Sparks) is certainly a good catch. He’s got an amazing taste in music, a great fashion sense, tall… and did we mention he’s single?


The  Ann Arbor spark just released his mini 7-track album on bandcamp (although you can grab it from Soundcloud too), a delicate vocal experience wisely released yesterday for our summer long days and too-short-to-dance nights. A fine dream pop cut with vocals by Steph Thompson (well known as steffaloo).

My by chrome sparks

On the other hand Jeremy is not only a bit messy but also claustrophobic and a big procrastinator… so you may give your marriage proposal a second thought. Just stick to his music like we do 😉 … he’s too young to get married anyway.