After The Moment

, 1 April 2011

There’s no week without a beer, nor a day without a new dreamy pop band. And just a few days ago Justin Paul Vallesteros’s Craft spells project released their very first album (after last September’s 7″ Party talk)…

… under the Brooklyn based label Captured Tracks which have also become another “coastal” magic box filled with new wave & indie bands (Soft Moon, Blank Dogs…).

Craft Spells by CraftSpells

“In the cold and dreary winter of 2009, alone in his bedroom and hidden from the darkness of the world outside Justin Paul Vallesteros had begun working on something that would change his life forever. What began as a couple notes played in experimentation soon transformed into vibrant melodies that soon shook Vallesteros’ musical foundation to the core. Guitar chords laced over pulse sating synth melodies and drum rhythms was a departure from Justin’s previous work; he began to create the dreamy nostalgic pop music that is Craft Spells. Justin is a California native who now finds residence in the mid-size town of Stockton, the heart of California. Craft Spells is the epitome of the recent uprising of the DIY music scene.”

Mr Spells is now on tour across the U.S. & Canada… and hopefully he’ll come to Europe this summer.