, 20 March 2011

Who doesn’t remember Benny Bennasi’s 2003 Satisfaction? A massive hit on Youtube and on the dancefloor in 2003 which wasn’t the original video made for the single of “Hypnotica”. But after adding an erotic fantasy, Dougal Wilson transformed Satisfaction into a worldwide hit.

This campaign initiated by Zij-kant’ (her-side) and  is drawing attention to the impact of lower average pay scales on pensions. Getting paid less equals having to work longer. In the original music video young women (Jerri Byrne, Thekla Roth, Natasha Mealey and Lena Frank) handle power tools while dressed in skimpy construction outfits. Eight years later Satisfaction The Granny Remake features a new set of models, who should be retirement age, still doing the same work.

A campaign developed at mortierbrigade, Brussels.