, 5 March 2011

The people @ MIT Media Lab can’t keep their hands and brains relaxed, not even for a minute. And here’s the latest interactive gesture project whose idea will probably be applied to many surfaces in the coming years.

From the heads of Matthew Blackshaw, Anthony DeVincenzi, Dávid Lakatos, Daniel Leithinger and Hiroshi Ishii who’ve thought of “Recompose” as a new system for manipulation of an actuated surface.

“By collectively utilizing the body as a tool for direct manipulation alongside gestural input for functional manipulation, we show how a user is afforded unprecedented control over an actuated surface. We describe a number of interaction techniques exploring the shared space of direct and gestural input, demonstrating how their combined use can greatly enhance creation and manipulation beyond unaided human capability”.

I think we’ve seen this idea somewhere else before, but if you want to dig into the technical aspects or know a bit more of their project you may just go to the MIT Media page and delight yourself.

Oh and now that we have your attention, you may also would like to know about the new MIT visual identity…