, 17 February 2011


Trish Lock is an artist from South West England very willing to experiment with pretty much anything (photo, film, installations…) while questioning our existence and our place in time…

She’s part of the Jamaican Street Artist studio (Bristol) and exhibited her perturbing “Angel” masks @ the Inside-Out exhibition (RWA) precisely focused around this collective, one of the largest artist-lead studios outside of London that has been established for over 15 years..

Angels by Trish Lock

The exhibition (finished a week ago) showcased a number of emerging and established artists, and ex-studio members, who have gone on to achieve international success. Luckily we were there to take a few pics & show them around.

Karin Sabin Krommes - Untitled (eject seat)

Our other big favorite was Karin Krommes and her photorealistic paintings of airtcraft parts… just as intriguing & subversive as Trish’s masks.

Karin Sabin Krommes - Wasp

The exhibition took the studio from its working environment outside and into the public eye, feeding the public’s intrigue and fascination with the studio’s secret world of creativity, brought to life by an enlightening narrative of Jamaica Street Artists’ impressive history, from its disparate beginnings to the gradual formation of its current coherent identity.

A few more photos on our flickr set & more info on the JSA website.