Not quite the Black Sheep of the Family

, 6 February 2011

Lee Boyd Manimals aren’t the luckiest ones. They don’t drink Orangina and certainly don’t look as hot as the ones who drive Citroen cars… that’s what probably makes them more human…

Drawn with pencils the Manimal series grow from Lee Boyd’s studies of wildlife and observations of human nature. “Looking at how all we have animalised human traits through society, terminalology, and sterotyping. That together with the juxtaposition of how in a general we humanize animals”.

She Had A Nose For Trouble
Lazy Pig

Lee tries to give them anthropomorphic characteristics. Each piece has a story, a reason for being based upon those studies always taking into account the cultural & historical context of human society. Humorous? Yes, that’s how he wants us all to engage with his works. There’s no better way…. well… maybe using the Orangina style.

for God Sake No Means No
Human Behaviour

Many more works from this Bangor guy on his webpage (or high-res on his saatchi on-line profile).