8 de Agosto

, 24 January 2011

8th of August is no particular date, just a lucky number with lots of good associations … and also the new division (now a year old) of the “agosto” Spanish production company….

Seems like this creative collective likes all that surrounds the 8th figure… it’s bold aspect, the art around the 8 (cinema in 8mm, 8bit games, super-8…) and also the after 8 chocolates…mmmmm (well, I prefer the orange version not the mint, sorry to disagree).

8th of August is focused on audiovisual creation and seem to be very very fond of animation, interactive design & motion graphics. Their main artists include Multitouch Barcelona, Carles Porta, David Ruiz, Dvein, No-Domain, Lluis Danés and Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch.

So as a collective you’ll find a good mixture that goes from those talented illustrators to script writers & musicians…. just another “creative agency”? Probably, but you can’t say they already got rusty, some of the freshest talents from the European industry.

We can’t be bothered to go & name all those famous clients that have paid for their services, so maybe you should go and have a peak at their portfolio… and choose your favorite (click on each name to see their works).

Behind the team? Carolina López a renown director now pushing forward other projects like Artfutura, Barcelona’s contemporary art museum or CCCB.