The Words That Maketh Murder

, 23 January 2011

Since her 2007 “White chalk” we hadn’t really heard much about Polly Jean. Now in 2011 she keeps a bit of that mysterious look and her laud for her upcoming Let England shake (released next month via Polly r.)…

An album which like many other artists are doing lately will be paired up with a series of short films by award-winning war photographer Seamus Murphy. Films will contain reportage footage shot around England and performance footage of Harvey for each song on the album.

Also a 7″ vinyl will be available on 7th February backed with an exclusive track ‘The Guns Called Me Back Again’, recorded during the ‘Let England Shake’ album session.

Mss Harvey seems to have become very interested in England for this album… “the songs on PJ Harvey’s forthcoming album, Let England Shake. What interested me most was the enigma of England and the English. England has a complicated relationship with the past, its island status, its relationship to the land, geography and tradition. Contemporary England springs from a history of colonial adventures, military ambitions and industrial prowess. It is also defined by its waning power and military role in modern politics. At times, it can be a very odd place.” she said to the Guardian.

The videos will be unveiled on her official website but also on the album youtube channel.