, 16 January 2011

Curating & picking the right stuff from around the web or from the real world is not easy, especially bringing quality content and trying to avoid falling into posting the easy rubbish you may find on any trendy site, we know it well, so do the guys @

Abdel, Aisha and Reuben are behind this fine selection of podcasts which they call “Curated Picks”…. highlights from this aggregated collection which are like tuning into the radio and discovering 2 – 3 brilliant programs in a row, connected by a theme.

The idea is simple they pick the subjects & select amazing podcasts for you, if you haven’t got time to go to their website well, you may just connect via your twitter account and create a playlist that you can export to your iTunes or Windows library… then uploaded to your mobile device when synchronizing.

The idea of started in 2009, when Abdel, whilst working at the BBC, started thinking about better ways of listening to the radio. Excited, he told Aisha about his idea and, equally as excited, she decided to join him on a new adventure.

They both started hacking Arduinos to build a device for a regular radio box to play related talk shows from around the web. After, days and nights of soldering, they came to the realization that the device was too expensive to make. So, they packed away the soldering irons to concentrate on a web service.