Spreadsheet Invasion

, 14 January 2011

Announced yesterday @ Museum of LondonAmy Thornley won the “Smile for London” competition that has been running for the past 3 months and that will invade the London suburban from next Monday & on…

A spreadsheet invasion to cheer up all those millions of people who use the old system and don’t even look at each other’s eyes… but do look (a lot) at those ad panels, & plasma TVs.

Amy is an Interactive designer in her final year of studies @ University of Lincoln and like many nowadays, she’ll struggle a bit to find a job when coming out of university. Hopefully winning this creative contest will help her somehow. Visit her portfolio if you please….. not huge, but with potential (the swap initiative is something we’ve been asking for here @aqnb, we desperately need a global swap on-line website, go for it Amy!).

one of her projects with Steve Carlton http://www.mail-art.co.uk/