Smile for London @ Museum of London

, 10 January 2011

And just like “Life in a day” all competitions have a winner (or a few) and if the budget allows it… a good festival to welcome & present them. In the case of Smile for London (our last year tube competition) the party will take place @ the Museum of London who’ve been kindly enough to host the event.

(Update: we see many people are coming here to look for the comp winner, well… it’s the magnificent work by Amy Thornley… “Spreadsheet Invasion”… watch it on her Vimeo page. Congrats Amy!)

As you probably remember the rather original initiative “Smile for London” aims to take the city suburban and invade those catchy and quite effective CBS plasma TVs & projectors with art instead of advertising. Art?

Yep. The guys @memepartnership (Alex Stevens & Jo Kotas) with a bit of help and the final support of MOL & Vimeo will finally be taking over the CBSO advertising platforms and promise to show us a flagship program of art and moving image every weekday morning and evening for two weeks starting next Monday!

Film, art and animation will be displayed on digital platform screens across key London Underground sites on weekday mornings and evenings during the rush hour commute.

Celebrated artists and film makers such as Aardman Animation, Light Surgeons and Jon Burgerman have been invited to produce works to run alongside a call for submissions to create uplifting and inspiring silent films lasting 20 seconds. Winning entries have been chosen by our panel of leading curators including onedotzero and Neville Brody.

The 13th (this Thursday) the winners will be announced during the launch at the Museum of London from 18:30 to 21:00.

The Smile for London campaign has been a year in development and was founded from a desire to promote young talent as well as introduce diverse forms of creativity to public spaces. The campaign has amassed support from the creative community both off and online at the motion focussed forum

Jo Kotas and Alex Stevens, co-founders of the Smile for London project, said: “This is a hugely exciting project for us. We want to celebrate the creative talents of our city and at the same time lift the spirits of London’s commuters. Our ambition is for the project to gain real momentum and become a permanent London fixture.”

Willing to see more wakey wakey videos? You can wait until they’re released in our glorious unbreakable transport system oooor start watching them on-line on their vimeo channel.

Sorry for the short notice, we just got to know today but even if you don’t live in London, watching the pieces, they completely worth it.