Walk on the Wild Side

, 3 January 2011

Walk on the Wild Side is a BBC comedy show is very well known for their talking marmot who kept looking for Alan & Steve. The program has been on air since 2009 and as you can see it perfectly combines nature documentaries footage with amazing voiceovers…

Those of British comedians Jason Manford and Isy Suttie as well as many other celebrity appearances.

Fans are invited to submit their own voiceovers to four clips available on the BBC Comedy blog.

The rest of the series on their youtube playlist. Enjoy!

Eterna & Amalcrossing reflect on their shared time in London on the tender indietronica of ‘Coffee Eyes’

aqnb, Friday

The hacksawed sound of a throbbing hangover characterises the analogue physicality of Jannah Quill’s ‘New Year New Paranoia’

aqnb, Thursday

Zero Interruption: Harry Glass & Lauren von Oswald reflect on Metabolic Rift, the Anthropocene, & the synthesis of pre-& post civilization


Pandemic era cybernetics & contemporary spirituality in the ritual performances & installation of i8i


Evita Manji & Seba share the celestial ballad of ‘Am I Real To You?’ ahead of myxoxym’s debut compilation Plasmodium I

Matt Dell, 8 October 2021

Blowing up: umru talks online culture & hyperpop, Lady Gaga & his Estonian family’s potato factory on AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

7 October 2021

LOREM shares alternative AI-generated video for Distrust Everything & interview with Berit Gilma of Elevate Festival

aqnb, 7 October 2021

Warning Adult Content: 3hd 2021’s ‘Power Play’ converts a disused toy store into their HQ for exploring sex & taboo in spite of the algorithm

6 October 2021

Memory, race, domestic life & unsettling tension in the mixed-media work of Diamond Stingily

4 October 2021

WEATHER grows into a farcically sinister techno on the up-pitched vocals & chiptune folk of ‘URGENT CARE’

Matt Dell, 1 October 2021

SÁCCEA constructs worlds of unknown signs & codes on the dreamlike atmospheres & puncturing percussion of ‘Vigilia’

aqnb, 1 October 2021

First It Must Burn: Odete discusses paranoid gothic archaeologies & symbolic rebirth independent of time

Matt Dell, 1 October 2021

estoc & Ana Caprix join forces across oceans to collaborate on an eerie collision of halves that make a dark, ambient whole on The Lake

aqnb, 1 October 2021

Ange Halliwell’s seraphic harp on ‘Secrets’ is a short & sweet trip into the ether for Lyxliv’s Bubbles compilation inspired by the Skins theme song

30 September 2021

Memory, family & storytelling in the loaded objects & sculptures of Bri Williams

27 September 2021