, 30 December 2010

The indie game market just exploded, and the traditional big gaming platforms (PS, Xbox) and their networks have to play a hard catch-up with the Apple & Android universe…

Independent studios like thatgamecompany on the other hand have a lot to win from these and in the case of the Californian Studio… Sony is very interested in their ideas.

Journey is their new adventure …. or “experiment” (still under development) after their hits flOw and Flower; the game received a lot of hype from its summer E3 unveiling. The game centers around the player having to travel to a far away mountain, gesturing the player to travel and explore.

The company describes the game as an “online adventure experience” that has players encountering strangers. According to the press release, traveling with others will “re-shape the experience — creating authentic moments that they will remember and discuss with others.”

Sounds a bit like experiencing Dune once and for all, hopefully without the worms.  We’ll still have to wait a few moths… but if the experience is as good as the screenshots look, then we’re sold.