, 17 December 2010

Hector de la Vallée is a fairly unknown illustrator outside France which collaborates regularly with the French magazine “Les Inrocks”…. a bit disturbing, a bit dark, with very peculiar tastes….

A Parisian with a good bunch of twisted conceptions of the human being…  we just got to discover him a few weeks ago after unveiling the truth about the universe…. it’s a mere set built by god to make it look nicer.

grave of the meanest man in the world
he killed his wife together with his son, before killing himself

He’s participated in several zines and  is currently working with “FPCF” editions to release his very own Ezine…. “Ebenezer” which is launched…. today! So if you’re in Paris and have nothing better to do (or even if) pop around 19:00 @ Au Houla Oups (4 Rue Basfrois 75011). And enjoy!

attention Youri! God is just behind you!

He also collaborates with the art collective mybeesgarden.