I’m In Your Church at Night

, 26 November 2010

Religious symbology in music are so common these days…. just like having a tenor voice for a pop star or being pale white & androgynous… although maybe not all together. Active Child (the new project from choirboy-turned-indie pop musician Pat Grossi) has it all…

The L.A.-based songwriter has a video for the single “I’m your church at Night” from the EP Curtis Lane released earlier this year.

And we’re hoping he’ll get even more pOp and less mystical in his upcoming works.

She Was A Vision by Active Child

3. Weight of the World by Active Child

“Grossi cites the musical environment in his childhood home as an early inspiration for his own desire to make music. After participating in a school choir as a child, he joined the Philadelphia Boys Choir at age 10. The influence of chorale singing, along with the sensibility of non-secular music, is as apparent in ACTIVE CHILD’s work as the influence of 80s synth pop bands like New Order, Joy Division and Tears for Fears.”