I love you so

, 1 November 2010

While awaiting Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack, Cassius (our 2nd maybe 3rd-4th or 5th? favorite French electro duo) have quietly released a new EP “The Rawkers” under Ed Banger, and just 3 days ago this clip for the single “I love you so”, which is an app at the same time….

And they’re really hoping you’ll help them spreading the video as the app is (fortunately) free to download on the app store. A very simple but fun app created by artistic collective We Are From La (Wanda). They want you to “spread the love all round us”.

Not many people have answered so far, but it’s really hard to make a better video, you can try though. And in case you’re more concerned about the music rather than a “cool” app, here’s the EP for you to enjoy….

It’s funny how we were criticizing Paris & its cultural lifestyle a few days ago and here comes their latest fresh blast… although unfortunately it always comes from the only decent (now overexploited & over-hyped) label in the French land.