New myspace

, 29 October 2010

my[____] has a new image, a new design grid and hopefully a new appealing offer to gain back those millions of users they’ve been losing, seeing off, bleeding… for the past few years since those Facebooks & twitters started to get all the social attention…

We were really afraid Myspace had given up on the social networking battle and that News Corp (owners) were just letting it die, slowly, painfully… with executive dismissals being announced on a monthly basis.  It looks they aren’t!

new layout (source: theguardian)

From now on it shall be called my[____], and from now on  the social network will focus its strategy on the thing “it does best” and that we all know Facebook & twitter aren’t that good at: connecting all its users with the music, TV and movies they love. Myspace is still the undoubtedly the main communicating platform for most music bands (stream or video) and redoubling its efforts under this niche, they may still survive…..

Although comScore puts international users at 90 million last September, another dramatic drop (down 18% from 110m a year before).

The new layout has what MySpace VP-User Experience Mike Macadaan described as “Tetris-style tiles”; the screen is divided into tiles of information tidbits, photos, endless scrolling bars of videos, and real-time updates. Some say it’s a copy of the stealth startup Pinterest, us personally we like it … a lot, in fact, just like Winmob7… sometimes radical revamps are the only way forward.

Developers are already being given an API for the games section of the site; current apps include Pledge, which lets indie bands raise money from fans, Romeo, a mood-based music player, and Hunted Real Time Radio, which plays the most popular MySpace artists of the last 60 seconds.

It has already started to roll-out in the US and should come to this side of the pond by mid-November.