Fang den Hasen!

, 23 October 2010

Disturbing, direct, irreverent …. Ivonne Dippmann‘s drawings are closer the the political cartoons from the early 20th century newspapers than to any kind of modern trendy colorful technique….

Born in Germany and half way between Tel Aviv and Berlin Ivonne studied Visual communications & Fine arts in Germany, Spain, Israel & the States and even though she’s had several group exhibitions & participated in several festivals she hasn’t had a Solo exhibition. That’s about to change as the STYX Gallery London (which is a branch of STYX Projects Berlin and was just inaugurated 2 months ago) will be hosting her show next year.

Komm, wir gehn die Welt erobern!
au revoir ivonne
au revoir ivonne2

Now that we got your attention… you can keep your eyes wide open while visiting her blog with many more of her amazing wall paintings.