, 18 October 2010

Germany has always been a land of electro music… basically since they pioneered modern sounds more than 3 decades ago. And since then (and despite all the American & Brit contributions) they’ve still managed to keep their essence & vanguard alive… especially in the land of minimal: Cologne..

Unfortunately from all the thousands of groups, djs & electro bands coming out of the beer land few end-up selling records outside their frontiers (especially when there’s such a big push from Californian & Balearic sounds invading every corner of the electro market right now). MIT is one of those cases who despite a great first album  “Coda” in 2008 they haven’t reached a massive audience outside their lands. Is it because of their German vocals?

New album by the trio (Tamer,  Edi & Felix): “Nanonotes” released under Cooperative Music last month and with a first single Pudong directed by by Jan Reiser and Julian Krieg… in a stylish b&w (if you have Spotify you may well want to listen to their albums…)

And because they’ve taken their soundcloud tracks off their profile, here’s their first album….

MIT – ‘Coda’ by halfmachine