Win7 phone

, 26 September 2010

We really don’t think the new Win7 phone will save you from any of the other major smart-phones… (especially Blackberries who appear everywhere on the ad), but their new ad with AT&T sadly (and funnily) our increasing dependency on these…

To the point of sometimes being completely absorbed by all those apps, e-mails & facebook messages we don’t even pay attention to what’s happening in the real world… and again… sadly but funnily these situations have become the most common thing in our society….

we’re not making publicity about WP7 ok? We just think they’ve hit the point with the smart-phone dilemma… but believe us, a WP7 like any other smartphone out there, will engage you the same if not more… and you’ll create “funny” situations just like handling any Android, Palm, Blackberry device. Be careful.