Spirit City Toronto

, 11 September 2010

Aaron Leighton’s debut book is all about Monsters in real places (ooops), well, more like his own creatures (spirits) who come to give a much  more attractive image of that grey Canadian city….

Not that the creatures give Toronto a radical new joyful & colorful wash (most of them are darky dark) but we’re really liking the simplicity of these “homeless nature spirits who’ve been forced to live in the forgotten corners of the city”.

Spirit City Toronto has been published by Koyama Press ($10).

Leighton, who graduated in 1995 from the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary, has been working as a freelance illustrator since then (Fast Company, NYT, CBC, Time Out….) but also as the Creative Director of the Emmy Award-winning animated project, The Zimmer Twins. Many more spirits this way.