, 9 September 2010

Los Massieras have a new video (which has been on-line for more than a month but only publicly available a few days ago), another psychedelic vinta-collage trip very home-made by Mario Takosuke (lack of resources? who cares, it’s a trend right now!) and with the explosive Spanish stylist Natalia Ferviú as an incentive…

Hugo Capablanca and David Ducaruge keep blasting Berlin’s club-nights (their next one will be September 17th @ Chez Jacki) with their “rumba disco” Catalana or very Italo-disco inspired, and their second EP “Better than Italians” (Bananamania and Discoteca Oceáno) finally receives a matching clip for its second track.

Watch out Rafaella,Giorgio, Cerrone & co… some wicked duo are bringing back to life what many of us didn’t truly live and these new youngsters need to know. Enjoy!

Los Massieras “Boogity Boogity Boogity” by aufgemischt

Allrighty- Los Massieras by aniceto83

where it all started…. (seems like some of us watched too much la Rafaella when we were kids @ TVE…)