Epic PlayStation Move-tage

, 5 September 2010

If Microsoft’s Kinect is for happy crappy families, Sony’s Playstation move seems to be orientated at other type of American (also middle-class) household….

Their fictitious VP Kevin Butler (the highly corrosive marketing character used by Sony as part of their “It Only Does Everything” campaign for the PS3 in the States) brings us again, a rather unconventional way of presenting their new peripheral.

Seems like PS3 families are a bunch of sadistic & highly competitive blood seekers with 2 kids instead of 3 (aahhh that’s not good for birth rate… they’re probably socialists!!) and  whose elders still enjoy shooting guns… (probably a war veteran)….

Wait, is the father looking how his wife & daughter play Singstar or their asses…. mmmmmmm Sony, you and your always subversive ad campaigns!