, 19 August 2010

Using an iPhone as if it were a multi-touch table for playing games just like Msoft surface or the table we all dreamed to have when R.U.S.E. appeared last year, well, it’s not exactly the same, but Pawn is a little game that might give some of your Apple touchy products a new meaning…

Pawn enables physical objects to be placed on, and recognized by Iphone / Ipad screens. The object themselves also carry meta-data / unique markers that can be interpreted by the screen. These can then work activate interaction within the application. The example linked film uses miniature figurines to demonstrate this interaction between characters.

This gorgeous piece of interactive amusement shall be out next November and was designed by the French publishing house “Volumique” dedicated to books in paper but also a laboratory for research on books, paper and their relation with new technologies.

and more in particular by Mr Ben Hopkins who happens to be also behind the (i)Pirates game, also released later on this year (October)… which pushes the versatility of the iPhone even more (I think we’re praising the Apple diamond too much lately… or at least too much in the past 24h).