, 18 August 2010

YesYesY’all appeared today as one of FWA’s selected websites for their “passive on-line experience” which is precisely somehow contradictory with the principle of the Internet, where users actively seek for information and don’t just “watch” their laptop screen as if it were a tv channel….

YYY is not a video-discovery site like Jinni for films or Mag.ma for viral videos, but since it started as a blog back in Nov07 the concept of YYY has radically changed and this new interface which throws videos (mostly music clips), tracks & images @ ur face without apparent order is the latest way of trying to engage the reader with their  pile of carefully selected content.

A tv channel, a radio & a blog with very interesting categories and where any artist can submit their music (a track, video or article) for public exposure… although no commenting option is available besides a fav button. If YYY intends to be a platform for promoting new musicians then music geeks like us should be available to give  some kind of feedback to the artist… this could be helpful you know…

The interface is quite sleek anyway, so for a full engaging & passive experience…. this way please 😉