Ancient Dreams

, 10 August 2010

FAMILY are a London based project where George Cassavetes is the main brain, head and speaker (although we kind of thought at first it was his solo project). One of those new children of the synth which we should all follow carefully in the coming months after their upcoming concert @ Yes Way Festival….

His first EP “Luminous Bliss is already available for download via his web, and at the same time the FAMILY project just uploaded a couple of videos on their Vimeo channel; one for “Come on and Feel the light” included in the LBliss EP and a more recent one for the apocalyptic and powerful “Ancient Dreams” (not included in any of their EPs but we truly vote for it to appear in an upcoming album).

A religious choir? A filtered experiment of a Twin Peaks or Sci-fi B movie soundtrack with Cassavetes’ dark touch, some metal… and a lot of synth. If you’re in London this next weekend and don’t mind paying the £8 for the Friday line-up then come and see him. We’ll be there.