Whim: the tulip wine glass

, 25 June 2010

We really don’t know how to take this one…. a great invention for those posh opening parties or the worst & tackiest idea for cheap fast-served wine…

James Nash is behind this individual wine-glass packaging (crystal glass!!!) which he presented as funding project at BBC’s program Dragon’s Den; the show listens to pitches for new inventions and awards funding to inventors it feels show promise; his idea however was dismissed.

He insisted and now his wine is successfully selling all across the UK. The wine, currently M&S Le Froglet out of London’s Mark and Spencer stores, comes in a single-serving plastic wine glass with a removable top similar to what one would find on the top of a yogurt container. It’s peeled off and the fresh wine is consumed. (although the thing about “fresh”… we kinda doubt a bit. In fact, we bought it the other day at Marks & Spencer…. serious crap, but hey, you better try it yourself.

A glass costs about $3.35 (2.25 British pounds) for about 6.5 ounces… up for it?