Video: take part

, 25 June 2010

Jorge Canest works for Buck who are behind this teaser-trailer for the upcoming film by Davis Guggenheim… wha? Ok let’s rewind a bit…

Davis Guggenheim is the oscar-winning filmmaker behind the climate change documentary “an inconvenient truth” (the one Al Gore promoted so much) and here comes his second docu-film “Waiting for Superman“. A reminder about another deep American crisis: the educational one.

By embracing the idea that good teachers make good schools Guggenheim offers hope by exploring innovative approaches taken by education reformers and charter schools that have – in reshaping the culture – refused to leave their students behind.

here’s an interview to Guggenheim about the film, it will be out this fall

And so Davis Guggenheim collaborated again with design & animation studio Buck where Jorge Canest works now… he’s the one behind this animation piece (and pssst, he’s also behind the gorgeous Google Voice explanatory film). Understood?