Whim: Zero per Zero

, 21 June 2010

Kim Ji Hwan & Jin Sol’s Zero / Zero exhibition just finished last Saturday at the Kemistry Gallery in London. However, we thought of dedicating some space to their city map works… you know how much we love new city-map representations do you? (like webtrend)

These two South Korean designers presented for the past 2 months new versions of their well-known City Railway System series, including LED display panels, hand-drawn maps, paintings, and acrylic pieces.

Conceived as a new approach of projecting the identity of a city onto its transport map, City Railway System maps retain the orderly graphic of their official transport maps, whilst capturing the character of each city. Whether taking inspiration from Milton Glaser’s ubiquitous ‘I Love New York’ logo, Hokkaido’s famous powder snow or Gaudí’s hand in shaping Barcelona, Zero Per Zero’s award-winning revitalisation of transport maps connect the stranger to the city in a much warmer and more immediate way than before. The maps are accompanied by work created alongside the City Railway System which served as a continuation of the studio’s exploration of movement within the urban environment.


For now they’ve only finished 6 cities: Tokyo, Seoul, NY, Barcelona, Osaka & Hokkaido… more to come and you can buy them on-line at the Kemistry Gallery on-line store from £15 to £30.

Using these is quite a challenge…. although using the traditional city maps provided by local governments can be many times even more challenging…

Tokyo detail