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, 14 June 2010

Politicians always pronounce extremely ambiguous speeches… the more intelligent… the more ambiguous. Ikeda Chandler’s political cartoons do not… direct, “progressive” and not subtle at all…

He’s from Oxford Mississippi and a graduate of Ole Miss who has drawn political cartoons for ‘The Daily Mississipian from 2003 to 2008 and is currently drawing for the bi-monthly paper ‘The Local Voice’. Obviously his satires are very local & US-related but who hasn’t heard about America’s political problems?

It’s his personal view on many matters we have breakfast with, very left-wing, very “socially-satanic”…. this website exists because he needs “to speak his mind a little, I hope you don’t mind”.

We don’t Ikeda, keep drawing, we’ll keep reading you 😉

They Say
Suck Up
Pope Grope

many more of his acid-corrosive comic strips on his website (one per week!)