Video: A Kiss from Tokyo

, 10 June 2010

Title sequences used to be an art, especially in the 60s. But if you’ve noticed lately many films and nowadays most series have reduced the timing of these or simply just got rid of them (especially ABC series… Lost, V…).

Remembering those days Kevin Dart & music composer Cyrille Marchesseau (with animation by Stephane Coedel) have created the title sequence for a non-existent movie which does have a book however!

60’s spy girl, Yuki 7. Seductive, intelligent, and charming, dashes around the world in hot pursuit of the tantalizingly tricky Diamond Eye, who is stealing parts and plans and leaving behind a path of murdered scientists in her quest to build a missile inside her volcanic lair.

Horia Dociu's artwork for "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7"

Sound familiar? Yep, clear inspiration from James Bond’s films … especially “Thunderball” and “You Only Live Twice” or other European spy films like “Deadlier Than The Male”.

You can read an interview to this artistic trio & see the creation process here.