Whim: about blank notebook

, 24 May 2010

We want 5 of these! Nah seriously, Moleskine is great & all but if we had to buy an even more minimalistic & fine notebook it would be this one.. the About blank notebook… no logos, no front or back design… nothing!

It can open fully flat, has white lines (not very noticeable btw), acid-free paper and it’s made out of 100% paper that can obviously be recycled.

Open fully, flat.
Tear off pages, when needed.

The team behind this mini-mal notebook are Sunghye Park, Seungho Lee, Jaemin Kim & Seunghoon Lee from all parts of the world.

For now you can only buy it on some select shops in Japan, Belgium, Finland, Korea & Singapur but also here for around €19 😉